Be Kind To Yourself

Participants: Level 2 and higher
Instructor: Anna Renzenbrink from Melbourne / Australia
The workshop will be taught in English

The first lessons we learn in improv are starting positive, failing happily and inspiring our partners. As we start performing, however, we can easily forget these lessons. We find ourselves being more involved with ourselves than with our fellow players and we are having a hard time committing to our mistakes. Why? We want to be good and we want to succeed! Yet, the more we try to be great, the more we judge ourselves for our assumed failure. Awkward shows and moments are a normal part of learning but what happens when the inner critic gets too loud? How can we keep the lightness and the fun?

In this workshop, Anna Renzenbrink teaches resilience and self-compassion alongside character work – all designed to get the participants feeling more positive and playful on and off stage. Being kind to yourself is the first step to becoming a better improviser. Listen to the critic but focus on your strengths!



Anna Renzenbrink is an engaging and charming performer who specialises in character comedy. For eleven years Anna was a member of the Impro Melbourne ensemble, fortunate enough to train with directors Patti Stiles & Jason Geary, and regularly perform Theatresports, Gorilla and Micetro. A love of BBC literary adaptations led Anna to create In the Parlour with Jenny Lovell (Impro Melbourne) a comedy of manners set in Victorian England which has since become a firm audience favourite. Since leaving Impro Melbourne in 2013, Anna has enjoyed exploring her own path, creating work as Spider Dance and performing in festivals in the US, New Zealand and Australia.

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