Accepting the weird

Participants: Level 2
Ingvild Haugstad from Oslo, Norway
The workshop will be taught in English
Duration: 12 hours

Improv is fun! Except sometimes it gets all serious - you know the feeling – when the brain starts channelling our actions along beaten pathways. Talky scenes, stories that go the same way, second-guessing ourselves. You know who doesn't worry about that? Kids!

In this workshop Ingvild will share insights gained through years of improvising for and with kids to help us reimagine our boundaries of what we can do onstage. We will draw on the natural playfulness and acceptance we all had in our childhood. Through exercises and scenes focused on letting your natural instincts be your guide, we'll come out the other side with a new - a childlike - idea of what a scene can be.

Workshop factors: a balance of Active and Reflective


Ingvild Haugstad has a bachelor's degree in theater and theater communication from HiO. Ingvild She has been working as an actor since 2008 and started her career with Isenkramteatret on a tour with Mats and Nils Petter, playing the improvised children's show "Lekene Slår tilbake". ‎Since then she has performed for theatre performances, TV, radio and dubbing. She loves to tackle every type of challenge, whether on stage or running PR and social media at the theatre, which has made her a few new friends!