Masterclass - The Artist and The Craft.

Participants: Level 4
Jason Geary from Melbourne, Australia
The workshop will be taught in English
Duration: 16 hours

What makes a great improv format? What’s the balance between structure and freedom; when do our great ideas just get in the way? This Masterclass will train us to create formats that don’t constrict us, but inspire. Participants will consider what feeds their imagination in improvisation and in the wider world, and reflect on the reasons why. This process will shake out your own inspiring ideas for formats, and encourage you to explore aspects of your improv that you might have dismissed.  These seeds to be explored through scene work and play under Jason’s expert guidance.

Exploratory, challenging, thoughtful, this masterclass is designed to provide the skills and clarity to move artists further forward in their creative journey. Through sharing ideas, taking creative risks, engaging in scene work, collaboration and directing, the improvisers will develop a unique view of what it takes to create a format that inspires confidence and play, one that in the future they can develop to fruition and take to the stage.

Workshop factors: Theoretical, Personal sharing, Critical, and Atypical


Jason Geary is a professional actor and improviser who has worked on stage, in television and film for 20 years. He’s a founding member and former Artistic Director of Impro Melbourne, where he created, directed and performed in dozens of original improv formats as well as Theatresports, Maestro (TM), and Gorilla Theatre (TM). He’s a multiple Australian national Theatresports Champion, but also has a passion for long form improv, where he is renowned for his inventive narrative formats. Jason has been travelling, learning and teaching and improv at festivals all over the world for the last 10 years, where he’s garnered a reputation as a performer and teacher who can bring the best out of his students.