Impulse and Authenticity

Participants: Level 3 and higher
John Turner from Manitoulin Island/ Canada
The workshop will be taught in English

We are used to control ourselves and to behave in a certain way. It seems scary to stop thinking, simply let go and let our bodies lead the way... because whatever happens when we lose control, it will definitely be something unexpected. As improvisers we know that the unexpected is the very thing that makes our work fascinating. But all the same, we are often reluctant to embrace it.

Stop censoring your spontaneous decisions and start acting intuitively instead of intellectually. Everything you need is already there when you listen to your impulses. Connect with yourself, connect with the audience. Let your body know and interpret that which our brains cannot log into. In this workshop, John Turner will use many playful excercises to help you switch off that busy brain of yours to make your work more authentic and powerful.


John Turner is an internationally renowned clown teacher and has been a part of the award winning horror-clown duo Mump & Smoot for more than 27 years. John studied clown, mask and movement with Richard Pochinko, Ian Wallace, and Fiona Griffiths, bouffon with Philippe Gaulier, physical comedy with John Towsen and improv at Second City. Teaching gigs include Yale, California State University, University of Tel Aviv, University of Calgary and many more.

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