Pimp your long form or: How to create organized chaos

Level: Advanced
Instructor: Mark Jane from Paris/France
The workshop will be taught in
Duration: 12 hours

Does your long form sometimes feel a bit flat? Do you struggle to get a truly satisfying story? Do you want to mess things up a bit? Then this workshop is for you. It provides tools for building better stories in narrative long form while still allowing for surprises. After the workshop, the students' toolboxes will be stocked up with techniques that ensure story and structure and with methods to vary the staging and pace of the show.

Keep your long form show alive by celebrating organized chaos where the story is the driving factor – and where a healthy dose of accidents, surprises and unexpected fun keeps creativity flowing.

Level of activity (1, 2 or 3): 2
Workshop factors: -

Mark Jane has been specialised in acting, directing and teaching improvised theatre since 1994. Based in Paris he is the artistic director of “The Improfessionals” with whom he explores a wide range of different improvisation formats. Since 2013 he has shaken up the impro scene with his show “TRIO”, a format which sees him improvise a long form story with two audience members who have never improvised before. Find out more about Mark on his website.