Break Your Own Wall

Participants: Level 2
Instructor: Rod Ben Zeev
from Amsterdam/Netherlands
The workshop will be taught in English

So you've been improvising for a few years, discovered a lot… and now you’re stuck. Your scenes are solid but are no longer surprising you, you look for the next “serious” long form and miss the feeling of discovery and fun you once had.

In this workshop Rod Ben Zeev will take you back to the basics of the “now” in a military-style boot camp, with very little time spent talking and watching and a lot of time spent playing and surprising ourselves. We will work on: character creation, spatial awareness, emotion identification, avoiding conflict in favor of the unexpected, connecting with the audience, narration, story and play some new short form games and at least one new long form.

We will work with practical techniques that will make our scenes better and allow us to enjoy improv in the same way we did when we first began. Only take this workshop, if you plan on working your ass off!


Rod Ben Zeev has been performing, directing and teaching improv for 15 years on five continents in four languages. His favorite improv memories include performing at the Chicago Improv Festival with The Second City and three ladies over the age of 90, spending a month in Vienna dressed as Santa Clause together with The English Lovers, emptying the mini bar with Boom Chicago in Granada and performing in a show, entirely in Turkish, with Istanbul Impro (he doesn't speak Turkish).

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