Free-Form Improvisation, Boston Style

Participants: Level 3
Instructor: Will Luera
The workshop will be taught in English

As improvisers we love the thrill of the uncertain. We love not knowing what lies ahead and we keep looking for a bigger challenge. This workshop will provide you with exactly that.

Imagine if every show was new. Not just new characters, new scenes: imagine that every performance had a wholly unique shape, completely different from the night before, a surprise even to ourselves. Yes, we can do this. And yes, we can learn how. Here. Will Luera introduces Big Bang’s approach to free-form improvisation, a unique style of play that will allow you to define your show’s form as it is being performed. You’ll learn how every single moment, beat, line and movement in a show can be deconstructed and used to lead you to the next scene. You’ll explore how this establishes a language and pattern that animates the show to give you a unique free-form performing experience every time you hit the stage. Challenge accepted?


Will Luera instructed and perfomed improv in Boston for almost 20 years, architecting the freeform style; he is Artistic Director Emeritus of ImprovBoston and remains Director of Big Bang Improv. Since 2014 he works as the Director of Improvisation at Florida Studio Theatre, and holds a number of other artistic director and advisor roles. He has performed and taught at improv festivals around the world, produced pieces featured at the New York and Los Angeles television festivals, and won several comedy awards.

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