Tiere und Wir.

Friday, October 26th 2018 // Cairo Konzertsaal // 11.30 AM
Phenomenal improv for the youngest visitors to the festival // In German

Who stole the crown of the Frog Queen? What is the fox supposed to do when he can't find his spaceship anymore? And how does the crow know when it's time to hush up? We'd like to answer questions like these to create a magical story together with you.

On Board: You, us, and the animals. Which animals? Well, there’ll be some made from balloons for a start! Come join us in a fun and fascinating adventure!

An improv show for kids brought to Würzburg by Michaela Dudek (Holterdiepolter/Nuremberg) and Florian Sußner (6aufKraut/Nuremberg). Music by Jan Höcker.

in advance: €4,00
box office: €5,50

Sorry, already sold out!

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