Better ask Klaus

Kids ask. Klaus answers // Performed in German
Friday, October 28th 2016 // Cairo // 11.30 AM

Klaus is tight-lipped, old, and grim. Klaus lives alone in his two-bedroom apartment on the edge of town. Klaus is the typical old grumbler that nobody wants to go near. But a few days ago at the grocery store, I was curious, so I asked him: “What is it that do you all day?” I was stunned by his reply.

This guy seems to know just about anything, has tried just about everything, and has been just about everywhere! His life has been full of the craziest adventures, and what I heard just the tip of the iceberg. Once he was done, I asked I could visit him one day. Together with you as well. He said: “Well ok... but not before 11, and only if your guests take their shoes off!” He promised to answer every question we ask him, no matter how tricky. Because he can! I think, deep down, he would love some visitors. So – are you in?

“Better ask Klaus“ is like a mixture of all your favorite TV shows – and you can be a part of them!

Presented by Damenwahl from Würzburg and performers from all over Germany.

in advance: €4,50
box office: €5,50

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