Double-Feature: Cloud Formations & Q&A

Friday, October 26th 2018 // theater ensemble // 8.30 PM
Improvised stories from Canada and Finland // In English

In this show, two young duos from the North let themselves be inspired by reality.

What is a memory? Is it even a stable thing? Or instead an ever-changing sequence of pictures, thoughts, smells? The improv duo ITU from Turku/Finland takes a real memory from an audience member as an inspiration for their format Cloud Formations. Sparked by this memory, stories, songs and monologues unfold that are connected and inspired by one another. Each picture transforms into the next, every ending is the beginning of something new. This show feels like laying in the grass and watching how cloud formations in the sky slowly change and transform.

Whose heart did you break? What do you believe happens after death? In the second part of this show, Ali Froggatt and Quinn Contini (Loose Moose Theatre and Rapid Fire Theatre) attempt to uncover stories that are sparked by truthful answers to questions that matter. Inspired by work from Keith Johnstone, this vulnerable format focuses on honesty and the things that connect us. Secrets may be shared and guilty pleasures confessed – and the raw and unfiltered truth is guaranteed. This show is co-produced by the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival and Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton/Canada). 

Music by Ebbi Grözinger.

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