Eau d'Impro & My Name is Johan

Friday, October 27th 2017 // tanzSpeicher // 8.30 PM
Movement and masks from two multi-national groups // Performed in English 

Players from different nations will present two unique formats, one in each half of the show.

Eau d'Impro is a format developed by the Barcelona-based group The Modestos, who trained together in the Lecoq technique of physical theatre. From an initial suggestion, this show leaps into movement, developing physical ideas that then transform into scenes. As the show continues, stories emerge, in a delightful combination of image, rhythm, and imaginative play.

The second format will be brought to Würzburg by the Canadian-French collaboration Paperface. My Name is Johan, played by one fully masked improviser and one unmasked player, is about the personal and emotional journey of a single character. Successes, failures and struggles are discovered as he re-lives his past, uncovers his future and comes to grips with himself. Through the mirror of a silent mask, the audience is invited into situations where they can focus on deeper truths and see their own lives reflected back.

Music by Michael Bibo


in advance: €11.00 (discount €9.00) plus advance booking fee
box office: €13
.00 (discount €11.00)

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