Anniversary-Special II: Forever Never Always Here

A site in Würzburg seen in a new light // In English
Friday, October 28th 2016 // Waschhaus // 11.00 pm

For this special anniversary show, we'll be moving out of the traditional theatre venue to explore a very different environment, a fully operational launderette. What’s more, this location is a secret – not from us, but from our international cast!

Enjoy seeing our four actors flung into a Würzburg location where they’ve never been before. No theater lights, no stage, no artifice. Simply a real space with its own life and history. The cast will summon the ghosts of what has happened, what could have happened, or what will happen in this particular space. What does this room remember? What are the hidden secrets waiting to be revealed? Through scenes, storytelling, monologues and music, the actors will expose to you the collected memory of a room.

Forever Never Always Here - an improvised site-specific performance, co-created by Det Andre Teatret (Oslo/Norway) and Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton/Canada).

in advance: €9.50 (discount €7.50) plus advance booking fee
box office: €11.50 (discount €9.50)

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