The Farewell Concert – an improvised piece of music

An emotional show somewhere between concert and theatre // In German
Friday, October 28th 2016 // Cairo // 8.30 pm

This one last time, they'll give it their all. As if they were only beginning.

Their first concert lit the touchpaper for an unparalleled career. They enjoy a legendary status thanks to Platinum albums and countless tours. But flying high was not without its problems. They belong to the most important bands in all of Germany, and truly made history; but tonight the sun sets on their musical career together.

In this show, improvisers Nele Kießling (Schmidt's Katzen/Hildesheim) and Jannis Kaffka (Phrasenmäher/Hamburg) will attempt an experiment. Combining the energy of a music concert with the meaning of theatre, they will improvise the farewell show of a burnt-out and exhausted band that never has and never will exist. The audience decides on live-sets and the emotions between the lines. Kießling & Kaffka sing, look back, let things escalate – and they'll throw their hearts on stage.

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€11.50 (discount €9.50)

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