Wh0 4m 1?

Saturday, October 28th 2017 // Cairo Theatersaal // 8.30 pm
The tracks we leave on the internet - probing into the inner workings of the audience // Performed in German

A photo from our trip to Slovenia, us lying on the ground hand-in-hand. The newspaper interview on my winning the spelling bee. The Facebook comment on your college graduation. My placing at the Newport Marathon. The Amazon wishlist. The Xing-Biography. What I bought on eBay. The signature for the petition... Instagram, Twitter... god, not my flirting profile, please...

The perfect depiction, or just an illusion? The question remains: What can be found about m3 on the internet? Who is this mirror reflection of my d4ta? I5 that me? If yes: Wh0 4m 1? Tonight, Nadine Antler and Youssef Rebahi-Gilbert from the Steife Brise/Hamburg take every (legal) measure to investigate their audience through their online shadows.

Music by Jan Höcker.

Please note: This show lasts 60 minutes and has no intermission.  


in advance: €10.00 (discount €8.00) plus advance booking fee
box office: €11.50 (discount €9.50)

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