Viewpoints: Creating A Common Language

Participants: Level 5
David Razowsky from Los Angeles / USA
The workshop will be taught in English

When we play a scene, nothing we do should be random. The way we enter a room says a lot about how we feel. The way we (don't) look at our partners gives away the state of our relationship. We've heard this many times and yet, we so often oversee the most significant signs. How can we be more aware? How can we intensify our perception and be more connected?

In this workshop, David Razowsky introduces the work of Viewpoints. Nine clearly designated points help us codify all we engage in on stage so that nothing gets by us in any scene. It's the way we walk. It's how fast we move. It's the space that separates us. Once we define it, it exists. Once it exists, we can fuck with it. Viewpoints makes the scene work simple, playful and clear. It creates a common language between us so that we can focus on the only thing that matters in the end: The Now.


Viewpoints is the centerpiece of all of David Razowsky's work. David is the respected former artistic director of the Second City Los Angeles, and the host of the podcast ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky. He has directed at numerous theaters, teaches for Steppenwolf Theater West, and conducts workshops and performs all over the world. He has consulted for Dreamworks and was commissioned to write for Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons.

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