Keeping it Real: Naturalism and Intimacy

Participants: Intermediate Level
Instructor: Heather Urquhart from Brighton/England

The workshop will be taught in English

Come and find the fun and the ease of improvising scenes that are so close to yourself, even you may not know if you are improvising or not! Working with realistic, grounded scenes and elements of theatre training, this course will license your natural eccentricity and help you to find the power of behaving naturally onstage. Using simple exercises, you will relax into your natural stage persona, embrace what is already there and extend your playing range.
We'll explore what is true to you. You’ll get to play close to yourself and use your own opinions and responses in scenes. We’ll approach the most intimate and tender relationships - between friends, lovers and family members – and bring them to life on stage. And we'll see how making tiny adjustments to our bodies, voices and points of view influences what we bring to our characters.

Workshop factors: Emotional, Sensitive content, Personal sharing, Physical contact, a balance of Active and Reflective


Heather Urquhart trained in Physical Theatre and has studied improvisation at Chicago’s I.O theatre. She improvises with the Olivier Award-winning Showstopper! The Improvised Musical and is a director and performer with The Maydays, who have headlined Dublin and Barcelona Improv Festivals, played at the Del Close marathon in New York and have monthly residencies in Brighton and London. Heather has co-written a book on the subject of musical improvisation called ‘Sing it!’ which has a series of associated podcasts.

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