In addition to the annual Improtheaterfestival at the end of October, the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival e.V. organizes further events throughout the year. These include workshop and show projects with international artists, projects with young people, performances at Würzburg events such as the Mainfranken Messe or STRAMU and much more. One of our favorites: The MaestroTM, a show in which Würzburg's improvisers compete against each other. (Almost) every last Tuesday of the month at the Jugendkulturhaus Cairo!

Click on the pictures to learn more about the projects (some of them only in german).

"What comes next?"

Workshop (in German) with Jim Libby Vienna, Austria / USA

Directing Maestro

Workshop (in German) with Nadine Antler


The competition of the improvisers! (Almost) every last tuesday of the month at Jugendkulturhaus Cairo.



Workshop (in German) with Nele Kießling (2024)

The Tao of Improv

Workshop with Kevin Gillese from Atlanta/USA (2023)


Making up with Improv: Lena Försch speaks with improvisers from all over the world (2021/2022)

Sachlich bleiben, wenn's zur Sache geht

Argumentationstraining für hitzige Diskussionen für Schüler:innen der 10. Klassen (2021)

Unsere Story

Online-Improvisations- und Schreibwerkstatt (2020)

Close to you...

Workshop with Rama Nicolas (2019)

Theater über den Tellerrand

Autobiographisches Arbeiten mit Jugendlichen (2019)

Voice is the Body

Workshop mit Aliki Dourmazer (2018)