It's time for some delicious revelations about the 16th Würzburger Improtheaterfestival!
After having put on a big and crazy anniversary extravaganza last year, we decided to go small and cosy in 2017.

We are super excited!


The registration process for the workshops will start on May 3rd and ends on May 17th, so you will have two weeks to fill out the form. Afterwards we will draw names from a lottery and give away the spots.

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Making new experiences, meeting new people

The Würzburger Improtheaterfestival is aiming to create a workshop program that represents the variety of improvised theatre. By inviting experienced teachers who are covering a wide range of themes and stiles, we try to break new grounds and set new impulses to help develop the art form further.

During the festival all four workshops will take place at the same time. Every workshop will start on Thursday and will end on Sunday.

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Youth Hostel Würzburg

Our workshop teachers and the participants are staying at the Youth Hostel Würzburg. That means, if you booked your festival fee including accommodation, you'll sleep next to the Jugendkulturhaus Cairo and all the workshop rooms - and you'll be in the very centre of the festival.

The Youth Hostel is wheelchair accessible, has free wifi and linen. You only have to bring towels. The Youth Hostel is also the place, where we'll all have meals together.

Further accomodation possibilities

If you'd rather like to stay in a hotel instead of the Youth Hostel, you'll find some options below. Please note that you'll have a longer walking distance to get to the workshops, as the festival - except for the shows - will mainly take place around the Jugendkulturhaus Cairo and the Youth Hostel.

Hotel Alter Kranen (centrally located, about 7 min by foot to the Cairo)
B&B Hotel (ca. 10 min by foot to the main station, about 20 min by foot to the Cairo)
Babelfish Hostel (next to the main station, about 25 min by foot to the Cairo)


Improtheaterfestival - How do I get there?

For all participants who come from far away, we'd like to make your journey as easy as possible. Therefore, you can download directions and some information about parking spaces below.