Joe Bill will teach at this year’s festival!

Granted, each year we try to keep the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival small or at least on a “normal“ size, but having the chance to have this improviser teaching a workshop we couldn’t say no. We are glad to welcome Joe Bill as a further brilliant Workshop teacher. Some of you may already know him, since it isn’t the first time for the man from Chicago to be in Würzburg. He will teach a slightly shorter workshop on the topic “Emotional Listening”.

But this additional class also has another advantage: Thanks to this workshop we can give more people haven’t been lucky at the lottery the chance to participate at the improv festival. We especially tried to consider those, that haven’t been drawn for years.

For all those being curious about the workshop, here is the workshop description:



This is a very focused workshop aimed at helping improvisers find depth and meaningful connections to themselves, their partners and the scene by employing your emotional capacity to experience a characters world and then react “honestly” to the offers given to you. I will provide you many interactions and scenes in which you will examine the choices you make out of your logical brain and emotional brain and how those can work in harmony to help you play characters with great depth and dynamic. We will tie emotional listening into the different approaches and contexts of Improvisation, so that you may begin using these techniques the moment that the workshop is over.

Joe Bill is widely regarded as one of the best teachers of Scenic and Comedic Improvisation in America today. Having studied and worked with Del Close for five years, he currently teaches, performs and is the Senior Facilitator & Designer of Corporate Training at iO Chicago and is on the faculty at The Second City Training Center where he teaches intensives in Duo Improvisation and Improvisation for Actors.

Joe has performed with, coached & directed a vast number of successful groups and formats including The Screw Puppies at Annoyance, The Del Tones, The Armando Diaz Theatrical Experience and Georgia Pacific (originators of The BAT) at iO Chicago. 

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