Our fantastic workshop teachers!

We are happy to welcome eight selected workshop teachers from all over the world to this year's festival! For one weekend we want to work with them on improvisation theatre and set new impulses. Three of the workshops will last 16 hours, the other five the regular 12 hours. So there will be plenty of time to focus intensively on one topic!

The workshop topics will be announced in a few days. You can register between 8 and 22 May. After that there will be a lottery for the workshop spots like every year.

But first we want to introduce you our wonderful workshop teachers:

Sarah Kinsella

Sarah Kinsella is this year's teacher travelling the longest distance: She's travelling all the long way from Melbourne/Australia! Sarah is a founding member of Impro Melbourne, with over 20 years’ experience as an improviser, actor-comedian, business trainer and teacher who has created shows for theatre, corporate groups and schools. She is fearless and hilarious in equal measure switching between comedy and pathos in a heartbeat. She brings mischief, energy and commitment to both the stage and in her workshops. Also, she will bring to each class a uniquely Australian perspective of technical skill and energy. To find out more about Sarah, visit www.thedecentpeople.com.

Ignacio Lopez

He's been an improviser, actor, director, playwright and screenwriter for more than 20 years, he has taught and performed in many different places around the world, created a bunch of formats that have been presented in more than 15 countries, such as "Corten ", "Nuevo Catch de Impro ", "Teatruras ", “Jardines” and many more. And most importantly: he had his big beard long before it it became hip.
The co-founder and co-director of “Impromadrid Teatro”, Ignacio López from Madrid/Spainwill teach at our festival!

Beatrix Brunschko

Beatrix Brunschko from Austria - actor, acting teacher, director and the artistic director of the improvisationdepartment of the "Theater im Bahnhof" (Graz). She's well known in the improvisation world and continually pushes our artform forward with new formats and projects. Since 2004 she has been a member of the ensemble of the international impro collective "The Orcas Island Project". But also, you can see her regularly on TV or in the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, where she teaches drama students. We're super happy that she could fit us into her busy schedule!

Jo McGinley

Next up, we have Jo McGinley, a pioneer in narrative improvisation, and the author of “Improvising Plays & Films” a genre bible available in the fall of 2019! Jo’s specialty has been bringing the work of Patsy Rodenburg’s presence and awareness training, and knitting that into the world of improvised genre narrative. She is a founding member of Impro Theatre in Los Angeles, California. She is a main company member and director of such genres as Twilight Zone UnScripted, Passion Noir, Buddy Cop, William Inge, Tennessee Williams and many more. To find our more about Jo, visit www.333improvisation.com.


Next up, we proudly present Gonzalo Rodolico from Buenos Aires/Argentina as one of our workshop teachers! He is an actor, teacher, and director of improv as well as a clown, bufón and soundpainter. He also is the founder of the blog specialized in the IMPRO technique, with more than 5000 annual visits in the world whole. So much talent in one person! For more than 20 years he's travelled the world to teach and perform impro. He's been to Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and we're happy to welcome him in Würzburg soon. Bienvendio Gonzalo!

Marc Jane  


Mark Jane, originally from England, has been specialised in acting, directing and teaching improvised theatre since 1994. Based in Paris since 1996 he is the artistic director of “The Improfessionals” with whom he explores a wide range of different improvisation formats. Since 2013 he has shaken up the impro scene with his show “TRIO”, a format which sees him improvise a long form story with two audience members who have never improvised before. He's a creative mastermind and will not only bring his workshop, but also one of his most successful shows... but more abot that later. Find out more about Mark on his website.

Stephen Kearin

We have no idea when he finds the time to sleep being involved in many awesome projects: Stephen Kearin. Stephen began his career in 1987 with Bay Area Theatresports in San Francisco, California, where he was a company member for 14 years. He is a founding member of the critically-acclaimed improv ensemble 3 FOR ALL (celebrating their 22nd season) and a company member of Impro Theatre in Los Angeles. He currently appears as Sergeant Geller in the hit series WAYNE. Stephen has been a visiting instructor at Stanford University, CalTech, Disney and Dreamworks Animation and Cirque Du Soleil. We're glad that the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival will make the list this year!

Sylvie Polz

Last but not least, we are delighted to have a workshop teacher, who is not only a first-time visitor but will also bring a first-time workshop theme to Würzburg. The wonderful Sylvie Polz from Munich/Germany is an actressand voice trainer. She has a background in Body Work (W. Reich), linguistics and psycho-linguistics. Since 2003 she has been a Linklater senior teacher and the head of the Teaching Institute for Voice and Language in Munich. She also teaches at the University for Music and Theatre in Munich and the Paris-Lodron-University in Salzburg/Austria. Sylvie will help us to discover the power of voice. We’re more than happy that she provides something truly unique in our workshop program.

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