We offer three Scholarships!

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Dear people from the Improv-Community, especially those in financial need,

what a year! Cancelled shows, cancelled workshops, loss of income. The art and culture scene in particular was hit hard by the pandemic. A festival in October will hopefully be a small ray of hope to finally get together with the people of the Improv-Community to celebrate the art form that is so dear to all of us. But financially a festival participation is also challenging.

We know that. That's why we have created a scholarship program for this year's festival. We want to support those who are financially strapped, in order to make participation in the Improfestival in Würzburg possible after all. Our scholarships reduce the participation fee greatly. At the same time, we have launched an appeal for donations to make three additional scholarships possible.

So if you would like to participate in the festival, but the regular or reduced price is not affordable, you can apply for a scholarship. Convince us, why you of all people should come to the festival!

You do not have to justify yourself for your financial situation or describe it. We do not expect this and think it's excessive to demand this. But what we do expect - and here we trust in your solidarity - is that only those take advantage of a scholarship, who really need it.

We have summarized all the conditions and information about the application procedure here:

The workshop scholarship is not a full scholarship, but it reduces the participation fee considerably. But it is also connected with a risk:

We offer three scholarships of 161 Euro each. This means that the participation fee is reduced to 59 Euro. This includes everything that the regular festival package includes. Accommodation is not included. At the same time we have called for donations to make three more scholarships possible. At best, we will have six scholars.

When you apply for a scholarship, you also take a small risk. If your application is rejected, you will lose your reserved workshop spot and move to the end of the waiting list. We do not do this to punish you as a person. We want to make sure that only those apply, who really need the financial support and without support would probably not even be able to come to the festival. But if a place becomes available again and you move up from the waiting list, we will contact you and you can decide whether you want to participate in the festival or not.

Step 1: On June 16th the registration for the workshops will start. Fill out the registration form first, because the registrations will be processed in the order of their arrival! In the registration form you can indicate that you are applying for a scholarship.

Step 2: Then fill out the additional application form for scholarship as soon as possible. We link it in the application form and on the website. We want you to convince us why you of all people should get a scholarship. We assume that you need it for financial reasons. So you have to convince us in another way :)

Step 3: From all applications received by June 30th we will choose the three best ones. If the fundraising campaign works, we can even award up to six scholarships.

Step 4: On June 30th (or 1-2 days later at the latest) you will receive a reply from us whether your application has been successful. If so, you will receive a request for payment of your reduced participation fee. If not, you will be moved to the end of the waiting list as described and justified in the tab "Conditions". If a spot for you opens up again, we will contact you.

Application for a scholarship

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