Stage Friction - Impro Workshop with Lee White

++ This Workshop will be on English ++

Stage Friction
Students are taught to avoid conflict but there is a way to use it to your advantage in stories and character building. Every story needs some conflict, right? This workshop is focused on characters with conflict, how to play conflict with your scene partners and how to use conflict in character building. Students learn how to start scenes with conflict and how to avoid the tiresome arguments conflict often brings. Don’t avoid conflict – make conflict a skill to use!

Trainer: International Improvisation Legend Lee White (The LoriLees, 15 Minutes of Fame, The Marbelles, Clever, CRUMBS, D&D improv show) has traveled the world teaching, performing and learning for over 30 years. Working with the best of the best of Improv from all over the world Lees influence can be felt far and wide. After touring internationally with the legendary CRUMBS for 15+ years he has settled in Berlin and has made a huge impact on the cities improv scene. His charm, quick wit, and commitment to honest characters has set him apart from the rest. His ability to make you laugh and cry (sometimes at the same time), makes him one of improvs most treasured performers.

Date: Sep 14, 2024, 11:00am - 3:00pm
: The workshop is suitable for improvisers of all experiences.
Language: The workshop will be in English.

Pssst… if you have a bit more experience improvising, this workshop works well in combination with Lee‘s workshop on the Power of Silence the next day! And if you want to see Lee improvising on stage, check out his show that very night in the Theater am Neunerplatz at 8 PM!


Jugendkulturhaus Cairo
Fred-Joseph-Platz 3
97082 Würzburg, Bayern, Deutschland


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