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Würzburger Improtheaterfestival e.V.

Welcome to the website of the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival e.V.!
Our association is committed to the art form of improvised theatre in Würzburg.

Besides shows with international guests we offer workshops to improve in this form of theatre.

The core and annual highlight is our international festival in October. But also during the year various improv-projects take place, such as the MaestroTM, that offers not only the stage to guests and Würzburg players but also a exciting evening for the audience.


Small but nice: Improtheaterfestival 2023

Does everything always have to grow? Nope! We long for a small, cosy festival. Fewer workshops, fewer participants, but finally the chance to get to know everyone. Sounds good? Here you can find all the information about the 21st edition of our festival.

The Tao of Improv

Kevin Gillese is a Canadian comedy guy. On April 24th 2023 he will offer a workshop on The Tao of Improv in which we will explore how contrast, tension and opposites can be used to create compelling stories, characters and moments in improvised theatre inspired by Taoist philosophy.

On to a new festival in 2023!

Pull out your calendars and mark the last weekend in October! From October 26th to 29th there will again be improvised theater from all over the world - here in Würzburg.

Ticket presale has started

In a few weeks our international improtheater festival is already coming up! Our show program has recently been published and we are very happy about guests from Germany, Slovenia, Israel, Indonesia, Norway, Spain and the USA. With them they bring their favorite shows and the enthusiasm to storm the stages of Würzburg. Tickets can be purchased online at Yesticket. It pays to be quick - the festival shows are often sold out. We are looking forward to seeing you!


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