One Thousand And Two Nights

Arabian tales for kids that have never been told before // In German
Friday, October 23rd 2015 // Cairo // 11.30 AM

Who doesn't know Jasmin, Aladdin, Sindbad and Ali Baba? Who doesn't want to dive into the adventureous world of One Thousand and One Night? We welcome you to an Arabian tale that has never been told before: One Thousand and Two Nights. Imagine a land of mysterious djinns, powerful sorceresses and secret treasures. Which hero will conquer evil? Who will prevail? Prepare for an enchanting world full of sandy deserts, flying carpets, grand palaces and magic lamps. You can use your three magic wishes to influence the course of the story.

Improv for the young ones presented by make shift from Zella-Mehlis / Würzburg.

in advance: €4,50
box office: €5,50

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