July 9th - 11th 2021

Würzburger Impro­theater­festival: ­Flip-Flop Edition

About the Festival

So are we crazy? Maybe a little. But what would be the alternative? Waiting until there is real certainty regarding mutations, tests and vaccinations? We all suspect that there won't be that certainty any time soon. But as improv enthusiasts we love risk - even if more on stage than backstage. Most of all we still have a bit of energy left and a huge thirst for culture, improv, you and something to look forward to!

That's why we've decided to organize the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival 2021 as a cosy Flip-Flop Edition from July 9th to 11th. We don't know, whether everything goes well. But we will do everything in our power to make it happen. And we hope you'll join us on our way.

We are really looking forward to the sunny special edition of our festival: to inspiring shows under the open sky, to intensive work in the workshops and (if hopefully allowed!) to drinking a cool glass of grape juice or wine in the fresh air with you. And who knows: maybe we'll jump into the Main together!

The team of the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival

Würzburger Improtheaterfestival

Programme & Tickets

Show Application

We are planning a varied show programme and you can help to shape it!
You have a show format that you want to present to the audience in Würzburg and the coulleagues of the improv community at the Flip-Flop Edition of the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival in July? Between March 13th and April 5th you can share your ideas! All information and the application form you find here. We are looking forward to your submissions!

Show Application

Würzburger Improtheaterfestival


During the festival we proudly present different improv ensembles from all around the planet who show their work to the Würzburg audience. Stay tuned for this year's line-up.

Würzburger Improtheaterfestival


The Flip-Flop Edition of the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival will offer four workshops with our wonderful workshop teachers: Gunter Lösel, Felipe Ortiz, Regina Fabian and Evan Schweitzer. All workshops will last 12 hours each, starting on Friday, July 9th till Sunday, July 11th. Registration is open from March 27th till April 10th. This year we'll go back to our lottery system, since last year's registration (frist come - first served) felt quite unfair. Soon will the workshop topics be published here! 

At the festival we will work in small groups and hopefully take advantage of the good summer weather to go outside in between. Further information on participation regarding Corona as well as our hygiene concept, which we adapt to changing regulations, can be found below in the FAQs. For your own protection, there is seminar insurance in case you are unable to attend at short notice due to Corona.


The workshops last 12 hours each and take place at the same time from Friday, 2pm until Sunday, 1 pm. The participation fee is 220 Euro regular or 180 Euro reduced. The reduced fee is not necessarily aimed at students. We know that for many people, despite working full-time, money can sometimes run short. Please decide for yourself if you are able to pay the full price or if you need a discount. We trust that the discount will benefit those who really need it. 

#1 Regina Fabian: Rauchen – Saufen – Grübeln: Charaktere wie im Krimi (German)

Rauchen – Saufen – Grübeln: Charaktere wie im Krimi

Instructor: Regina Fabian from Berlin
Level: Intermediate
The workshop will be taught in German

Sie rauchen, saufen, verzagen und sind oft einsam. Die komplexen Figuren in den Krimis aus Norwegen, Schweden und Dänemark leben öfter in schwierigen sozialen Verhältnissen und versinken gerne mal in Melancholie.

In diesem Workshop wollen wir diese Figuren, deren Ambivalenz und ihren Alltag als Sprungbrett nutzen, um atmosphärisch dichte Szenen mit interessanten Charakteren zu improvisieren. Uns beschäftigt dabei, wie wir dies facettenreich und glaubwürdig darstellen können und wie wir es schaffen trotz melancholischer Charaktere spielfreudig zu improvisieren.

Regina Fabian ist Gründungsmitglied des Improvisationstheaters „Die Gorillas“ aus Berlin. Sie ist Schauspielerin (Lecoq, Paris), Trainerin, Theaterpädagogin (UdK Berlin), Systemische Therapeutin (SG) und Coach. Sie ist außerdem Dozentin im Fachbereich Theaterpädagogik und in der Ausbildung für Psychotherapeut*innen. Seit 1997 beschäftigt sie sich mit Improvisationstheater: auf der Bühne, bei ihrer Seminar- und Trainingstätigkeit sowie im Coaching und in der Therapie. Mehr zu Regina findet ihr unter www.die-gorillas.de und www.reginafabian.de.

#2 Evan Schweitzer: Acting for Improvisers (English)

Acting for Improvisers

Instructor: Evan Schweitzer from New York/Frankfurt a.M.
Level: Advanced
The workshop will be taught in English

Evan started out as an actor. After working several years with a range of companies he discovered improv – and a new direction to his career. He became fascinated with how improv and acting can nourish each other and has since set his mind to exploring the strength of their union.

At its core, “acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances”, as Sanford Meisner said. Don’t we as improvisers perform under imaginary circumstances whenever we’re playing?

In this workshop you will learn the tools of acting based on The Meisner Technique to deepen your emotional connections to not only your scene partners but to the scene itself. Stop worrying about what you're supposed to feel and start putting your focus on your partner and what you're doing. Listen, notice, and respond better, and fine-tune your instincts. They are more truthful than your thoughts.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY on a diet rich in Sci-Fi and Musical Theatre, Evan Schweitzer has wandered the Earth searching for meaning and hoping that the truth is out there (cue the theme song). A professional actor since he was a teenager, he has performed with a large number of renowned theatre companies. He received his degree in Theatre Arts from Rutgers University and has studied at Upright Citizens Brigade and the Barrow Group in NYC, and St. Mary's University in London. He has performed and taught with Barcelona Improv Group (B.I.G.) and TLS Frankfurt as well as various indie teams and he has taught improv at the Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory.

#3 Felipe Ortiz: "Body-Telling": Creating expressive Bodies ready for Action (English)

"Body-Telling": creating expressive bodies ready for action

Instructor: Felipe Ortiz from Bogotá, Colombia
Level: Advanced
The workshop will be taught in English

As improvisers our main tool is our body. But while playing we often don’t pay attention to what it is telling us. Instead we're trying to figure out the story intellectually … ending up as talking heads. In this workshop, we train to really listen to our body. Are we aware of all the things it says – with a small movement, with slight tension, with a breath? Do we recognize how music changes our emotional state?

In this workshop you will develop different ways of connecting with your partners, with music and sounds, and – most importantly – with the audience. Develop deep listening and discover the stories your body has to tell.

Felipe Ortiz is a performer, director and teacher and interested in exchanging, interacting, playing and sharing experiences with different artists around the world. He is passionate about the body in movement and its possibilities, which is why he explores it through acrobatics, improvisation, clowning, physical theater and object manipulation to create new forms of expression in performing arts.
As a performer he's been touring around the world since 2003 and is a well known in the international scene as a teacher for impro, physical theater and clowning. He has being the artistic director of La Gata Cirko (new circus) for 18 years and is one of the founding members of PICNIC - IMPRO as well as one of the directors of the impro MONKEY FEST in it's 9th version.

#4 Gunter Lösel: Den Raum zum Sprechen bringen (German)

Den Raum zum Sprechen bringen

Instructor: Gunter Lösel from Karlsruhe/Zurich
Level: Professional
The workshop will be taught in German

Unsere Art, den Bühnenraum nutzen, erzählt sofort eine ganz eigene Geschichte. Allein durch unsere Ausrichtung im Raum kann ein mitreißendes Drama entstehen – eine starke Geschichte voller Spannung und Spannungsfelder.
Warum also neutralisieren wir so oft unwillkürlichen den Raum, sobald wir vor Publikum stehen? Wir schützen uns unbewusst, um so wenig wie möglich über uns und selbst und unsere Beziehungen zu verraten. Persönliches und Verletzliches bleibt so außen vor und selbst Beziehungen werden unpersönlich.

Die Tendenz zur Mitte macht unser Spiel mittelmäßig - dagegen hilft aber der Mut zur extremen Positionierung. Er macht das Spiel riskant und inspirierend. Im Improvisationstheater wollen wir den Raum ausdrucksstark, extrem und sprechend.

In diesem Workshop lernen die Teilnehmenden, den Bühnenraum aufzuladen, komplexe Landkarten der Gefühle und Beziehungen herzustellen und, vor allem, gegen den Neutralisierungs-Reflex anzuarbeiten. Gunter verwendet dabei Techniken der systemischen Aufstellung und eigene Übungen. Nicht zuletzt werden auch die verschiedenen realen Räume durchdacht, die wir in unseren Aufführungsorten vorfinden, und wie wir sie bespielen und verwandeln können. Bis der Raum - klar und selbstbewusst – spricht.

Gunter Lösel ist Improspieler, Improlehrer und Theaterwissenschaftler. Er spielt seit über 20 Jahren und war von 2007-2017 Leiter des IMPROTHEATER BREMEN, einer festen Spielstätte für Impro-Langformen. Heute zieht er mit den STUPID LOVERS über die Bühnen und entwickelt Impro als Theaterkunst weiter. Er hat fünf Bücher zum Thema Improvisation und Theater veröffentlicht sowie eine Promotion im Fach Theaterwissenschaft. Mehr über Gunter findest du unter: www.gunterloesel.theater

Experience Level

The level system helps us building homogeneous workshop groups to ensure that everybody gets the most out of their workshop experience.


I rehearse with an ensemble on a regular basis, and have experience performing improvisation on the stage.


I perform regularly on stage and I rehearse on a regular basis with a fixed ensemble. I have been involved in introducing performance formats to the place where I primarily improvise, either by developing these or by introducing these from elsewhere. I’ve introduced others into improvisation, either through beginner training or mentoring newer players in an ensemble.


I perform regularly on stage and I rehearse on a regular basis with a fixed ensemble. I have developed formats and presented these formats in cities outside of the one I’m based in. I have a professional approach to my improvisational work. I’ve developed others in improvisation, by offering advanced training on multiple occasions, or by coaching ensembles.

Würzburger Improtheaterfestival


If you would like to take part in the festival, you will find various information and all kinds of interesting facts in the festival guide. We will add to the guide during the year. If there is still an open question, just contact us.

Hygiene and Safety Measures

The hygiene concept for 2021 is still being worked out and adapted to the current regulations. However, it will be based on the 2020 concept, which is linked here. Unfortunately it is in german, but you may can use deepl.com for translating.
As rapid tests are now available, we are considering including them in the planning. Basically, we recommend all participants to get tested before the festival.

Code of Conduct

We have developed a short code of conduct to ensure that everybody feels safe and happy and can get the most out of their experience at the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival. Reading through this code will give you an idea of our festival philosophy and values.


Coming soon!

Directions for arrival


Workshop application

How does the registration work?

This year we go back to our lottery system. From March 27th till April 10th you can register for the lottery for this year's festival using the registration form. You can enter up to three workshop priorities. After April 10th we'll run the lottery and come back to you - hopefully with good news! Only then you will be asked to pay for your workshop place. When your festival fee has been transferred, your workshop spot is firmly booked. If you havn't heard from us thill April 17th, please contact us via info@improtheaterfestival.de

I have transferred the festival fee but haven't received a confirmation yet. Do I lose my spot?

No, you haven’t. The banks don't all work at the same speed and we process the cash receipts in one go. That's why it can take a couple of days before you get the final confirmation. If we discover that we haven't received your festival fee, we will check with you before we give your spot to someone else.

I didn't get a workshop spot. Is there a waiting list?

Yes, there is one. As soon as someone gives up their spot, we will give the spot to the next person on the waiting list.

What do I do, if I want to change the duration of my stay at the Youth Hostel?

Send an email to info@improtheaterfestival.de and we will contact the Youth Hostel.

What happens if I have to cancel my participation?

Until May 31st you can cancel your workshop spot and we will transfer your festival fee (minus an administrative fee of 30 Euros) back to your bank account right away. If you cancel your spot after May 31st, we will first have to find someone from the waiting list to fill your spot. If we are successful in finding someone, we will transfer the fee back to your bank account minus the administrative fee of 30 Euros.

(At) the festival

Do I get my money back, if the festival is cancelled because of Corona?

Yes, in this case you will get your workshop fee back completely. We also recommend getting travel insurrance, so your train and flight cost will be reimbursed.

When do most participants arrive?

Many participants are arriving early to attend our traditional opening gala. This year, the gala will take place on Thursday, July 8th. We'd be delighted to see you there. Of course you can also arrive on Friday for the workshops.

What happens at the Check-in and do I need to go there?

At the check-in you'll get a warm welcome, snacks and your invoice for the workshop. All hostel guests will also receive the necessary information about accommodation. If there are any outstanding questions or finances, we can clarify them at check-in. The check-in helps us to get an overview of who has already arrived. This is especially important this year. We therefore ask you come by briefly, even if you are already familiar with our Festival.

What happens if I arrive late and miss the Check-In?

No problem! We will leave your name and your room number at the reception of the Youth Hostel.

Which meals are included in the festival fee?

The festival package includes the following:

  • Friday: Dinner
  • Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
  • Sunday: Snacks

Drinks during meals are included.

For those staying at the hostel, breakfast is also included.

Are bed linen and towels available at the youth hostel?

The youth hostel provides bed linen, you only need to bring your own towel.

Are tickets for the shows included in the festival package?

No. Since there are several shows in the evenings, they are run separately via our ticket system. As a workshop participant you can buy tickets at a reduced price. We'll send you a quick note when the advance sale starts. Please buy tickets for the shows of your choice early. Especially this year the number of seats will be limited.

Is it possible to help out with the festival?

Yes! We are very happy for your support! Just send an email and we will get back to you.

Würzburger Improtheaterfestival


Carina Odenbreit


Kati Schweitzer

artistic director

Corbinian Wildmeister

artistic director

Jonathan Sudermann

quality management

Hendrick Ziegler


Scarlett Vucic

Elina Martin


Julius Braun

volunteers & participant management

Carolin Buchmann

social media & guest management

Cornelia Vogt

tech and logistics

Johanna Ziegler


Würzburger Improtheaterfestival


We would like to thank all our partners, sponsors and venues for their support and the long time cooperation.

We also want to say thank you to our patron, the Mayor of Würzburg, Christian Schuchardt!