20 years of international improvised theatre in Würzburg

We celebrate our birthday! The international Würzburger Improtheaterfestival looks back on 20 exciting years. But above all, we are looking forward to celebrating a festival of improvised theater with you in October!
For improvisers we are offering format labs in addition to the traditional weekend workshops. Five days of intensive improv training, during which a show format will be developed and performed at the festival.
Speaking of the show program: It will be published in autumn. Application for the workshops, however, will begin in a few days: Starting May 9th at 7 pm (CET) you can register for the workshops. Be quick: There will be no lottery this year.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Programme & Tickets

The Würzburger Improtheaterfestival is a theater event that is an inherent part for the cultural life in our city. Every year we present between eight and twelve shows in different venues all around Würzburg. On the one hand, the programme consists of international ensembles showing their innovative improv formats to our audiences. On the other hand, we present our own productions, which are performed by guests of the festival.

The show programme will be published one to two month before the festival weekend. The advance sale starts in a little bit later.


Format Labs

Deep Dive with performance at the festival

During 22 hours from Wednesday, October 26 to Sunday, October 30, you will explore a topic in depth with Inbal Lori or Aree Witoelar and, on top of that, develop a show format. You will present this in a show on the Saturday of the festival. Sunday will then provide space for debriefing and feedback.

Aree Witoelar

from Indonesia/ Norway strives to bring the global voice to the improv stage. What is helpful for this: humor.

Inbal Lori

from Germany /Israel creates worlds out of nothing, full of honest and captivating characters and their stories.

Weekend Workshops

Intensive work on stage skills

from Friday, October 28th to Sunday, October 30th you will experiment together with Diego Ingold, Sara Šoukal or Camilla Frey at the limits of your improvisation skills. In 11 hours you will refine techniques, venture into unknown territory or train some long neglected stage muscles.

Diego Ingold

from Spain is led by the dramatic truth that physical work brings over words.

Sara Šoukal

from Slovenia makes fellow performers shine with her poetic, dreamlike and detailed improv aesthetics.

Camilla Frey

from Norway has been playing improv theater for over 20 years. Not to get stuck in the same old patterns, she explores variability.

Diego Ingold: Show don’t tell: The Secret of Physical Improvisation (11h, Level 1, waiting list only)

Show don’t tell: The Secret of Physical Improvisation

Teacher: Diego Ingold from Spanien
Level: 1 - Experienced
Language: English
Price: 240€ regular // 200€ reduced*
Duration: Friday, 28.10.22, 2:30pm until Sunday, 30.10.22, 1pm


We’re cutting onions, driving a motorcycle or building a sandcastle: But why do we keep on talking about what we're doing on stage, flooding the scene with unnecessary words? If we just do stuff instead of chatting about it, we save our voices to address what really matters to our characters and give our scenes more authenticity. In this workshop you’ll learn how to create beginnings of scenes without saying a word. Diego will work with you on fixed points, drawing spaces, pantomime, the different ways to evoke objects and how to simulate efforts, weight and dimensions. You will be able to create a new reality on the empty stage simply using your body. Delve into the dramatic truth that physical work brings over words.

Diego Ingold is an actor, improviser and plastic artist from Palma de Mallorca. For more than 10 years he has taught workshops on theatrical improvisation and physical theater tools, commedia dell'arte and theater of objects. For the last 5 years, he has been participating in impro festivals and training companies in different countries (Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Philippines, Italy, Holland, South Africa, Germany and Spain).
Although much of the time he works alone, or with projects of the companies of the cities he visits, he is currently part of three companies.

- Theatrical impro: GLOBAL IMPRO, together with Feña Ortalli and Claudia Bernabé.
- Multidisciplinary impro: DAUS, with Aina Zanoguera (music) and Úrsula Urgeles (dance).
- Theater of Creation: Hermanas Picohueso, with Gala Peire and LLuki Portas.
He has also worked on the creation of different shows with Omar Argentino Galván (Buenos Aires / Madrid), VerbaVolant (Rome), TrampaTeatre (Palma), Carol Hernantez and Sergio Paris (Lima), David Moncada (Bogotá)…
For a long time, he has been researching tools to bring the plastic arts and theater closer to the world of improvisation, trying to blur the lines of the different artistic disciplines.

Sara Šoukal: Shining through supporting (11h, Level 1, waiting list only)

Shining through supporting

Teacher: Sara Šoukal from Slovenia
Level: 1 - Experienced
Language: English
Price: 240€ regular // 200€ reduced*
Duration: Friday, 28.10.22, 2:30pm until Sunday, 30.10.22, 1pm


True power lies in the people who don't let you fall when you take that step in the unknown. It is the improvisers on stage, that strive to lift up others that shine the brightest. It is the ones, who master the art of letting go of their own ego, in order to serve and soar, that generate a safe and inviting space, where we feel loved, heard and called to play. Their cunning eye always noticing little twitches, nervousness of their coplayers and through unconditional support, they bring out the best of us.
During the workshop we will revisit the concepts of supporting on stage, we will devise supporting mechanisms and hopefully, discover new ones!
More than ever we need to remind ourselves of the fact, that an ensemble on stage is a (temporary) community. Alexandre Dumas said it best through his famous three musketeers: All for one, one for all!

Sara Šoukal is a well seasoned theatre artist with years of experience. As an actress and as a pedagogue she is most active in the field of theatrical improvisation, for which she says is her first love. She fell in love with impro when she was 9 years old and they have been together ever since. Her impro aesthetic is poetic, dream-like and full of details. Nothing escapes her eye.
Lately, she has been setting her foot in other performative fields with great joy and interest. She has been flirting with devised theater, contemporary dance and object theater.
She is one of the most active and prominent improvisers in Slovenia, working also abroad, in many impro collectives, theatres and associations. In Slovenia those are: Association Impro, Iglu theater, Improške, Impromobile, and others. Internationally, she is part of Ohana and Project Eve collectives respectively. Sara also teached and/ or performed in: Seattle, Uppsala, Copenhagen, Dublin, Budapest, Leuven, Paris, Strasbourg, Graz, Bydgoszcz, Wurzburg, etc.

Camilla Frey: Variety (11h, Level 2, waiting list only)


Teacher: Camilla Frey aus Norwegen
Level: 2 - Advanced
Language: English
Price: 240€ regular // 200€ reduced*
Duration: Friday, 28.10.22, 2:30pm until Sunday, 30.10.22, 1pm


Have you ever found yourself experiencing déjà-vu on stage, thinking «waiiiit a minute, I’ve done this scene before haven’t I»? And then it keeps on happening here and there, you can’t get out of the comfortable feeling, automatically using the same patterns, and you might be worried that your brain is playing tricks on you?
Good news is: it’s not your misbehaving mind. The scene you just did has actually happened many times before. Bad news is: when you’ve been improvising for a while, it’s inevitable (like Brad Pitts commercial for Chanel) that we face the same scenarios/relationships/themes/characters over and over again.
In this workshop, we’ll explore how to find variability on stage, play off of each other’s variety, and even how to vary your variability. We’ll also explore association and disassociation, and discover how to stay playful and inspired when the scene is going down that same old track.
Suitable for improvisers who have been improvising enough to have had a whiff of these thoughts - and Brad Pitt.

Camilla Frey has been playing improv since y2k started and has performed in Norway and internationally on a regular basis, as well as working as an actor in film/tv/theatre. Camilla is one of the founding members of Det Andre Teatret in Oslo, Norway, and has been improvising in a broad selection of shows; in known Keith Johnstone formats: Gorilla Theatre™, Life Game™, Maestro™ Impro, Theatresports™, various other shortform and musical formats and has been part of developing and performing longform formats like «When they met»(romcom) and «Almost Ibsen»(improvised Henrik Ibsen). Besides working as an actor and improvisor, Camilla is also a competitive equestrian rider, so whenever she’s not on stage, she’s most likely to be found on horseback. Or shovelling manure. Both useful skills that might come in handy in a scene, right? Who am I kidding, it’s totally me writing this. So this was a short blurb about me, but feel free to ask me anything when we meet, as I probably forgot something important! See you soon, and looking forward!

Aree Witoelar: Breaking Down the Game & Cloud Atlas (22h, Level 2; waiting list only)

Breaking Down the Game & Cloud Atlas

Teacher: Aree Witoelar from Norway/Indonesia
Level: 2 - Advanced
Language: English
Price: 430€ regular // 360€ reduced*
Duration: Wednesday, 26.10.22, 2pm until Sunday, 30.10.22, 1pm

The Workshop is already fully booked. Registration for the waiting list is still possible.


You want to know what makes a scene funny? Then you should definitely look into “the Game” – one of the foundations of great comedy, yet most elusive concepts in impro. In this 5-day intensive we will break down the mechanics of Game into individual components and practice each topic one by one. You’ll work on finding the unusual thing, playing the voice of reason, heightening the game, teleporting, weird worlds and more to elevate the dynamics of a scene. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to put all of them together to make your audience laugh their heads off.
Speaking of audiences: part of this workshop is applying the concept of “the Game” in a long form show. Inspired by David Mitchell's critically acclaimed novel, Aree developed the format “Cloud Atlas” – an epic comedic take on humanity in six eras. In the workshop, you’ll learn incredible group focus and support to play the format, using your newly developed skills in Game. Day 4 is the big day: you’ll present the show in front of a “real” audience as part of the program of the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival. The stage is yours!

Aree Witoelar is Norway-based impro teacher, director and performer from Indonesia who started improvising 15 years ago. He’s the founder and artistic director of Impro Neuf International, Norway’s most inclusive international improv community with over 1.000 members. He has taught in-person and online throughout the world, from Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, USA, Canada, the Philippines and India.

Inbal Lori: Blank – A Story of a Place (22h, Level 3)

Blank – A Story of a Place

Teacher: Inbal Lori from Germany/Israel
Level: 3 - Professional
Language: English
Price: 430€ regular // 360€ reduced*
Duration: Wednesday, 26.10.22, 2pm until Sunday, 30.10.22, 1pm


Blank is an improvised play about an imaginary place. After taking some specific inspirations from the audience, the tale of Blank unravels. From one scene to the next we discover the relationships, power dynamics, fears, dreams and challenges of the inhabitants. The people in this place and their humanity become the focus. Moment by moment their story gets written as the improvisers fill in the Blank.
In preparation of the Blank format, our workshop focuses on investigating and developing the dramatic arc of characters as well as the place itself. We’ll explore following a narrative by taking specific, focused actions. Performance honesty and commitment will be paramount. Also important are transitions, editing, finding and following tone, rhythm and energy, but also breaking them when needed. Over these five days we’ll strengthen our sense of ensemble, and discover a common plan and common pace for this (not so) common place.
The participants of the workshop will perform Blank at the festival on Saturday night.

Inbal Lori is a graduate of Jerusalem Art High School (1994) and Nissan Nativ acting studio (2000). Since then she has been writing and acting for television and theater and has won prizes and scholarships for her acting and writing. Inbal wrote dialogues for TV soap operas, theater pieces, children plays, a sketch show that ran weekly, one woman shows and more. She won the best performer award in the Israeli Fringe festival in 2008 for the one woman show she wrote and played “The woman I could have been”. Inbal started improvising in Tel Aviv in 2001 and ran an improvisation school in the city from 2013-2017. Her current Israel group is called 3FALLING.
In 2015 Inbal moved to Berlin and since then she has taught and performed all over the world in places like: USA, Canada, Australia, Colombia and Europe. Her performances include her solo show "Fragments of Life" and duo shows such as "CLICK" with Tim Orr (San Francisco), "The Lorilees" with Lee White (Canada), "The Fun Fatales" with Paula Galimberti (Spain) and "Playing with the Enemy" with Arab improviser Zaki Zikani. In Berlin she is working and coaching the groups “Die Gorillas” and “ImproBerlin”. For the last 2 years Inbal is also teaching her yearly Masterclass “Acting for improvisers” which is a wonderful opportunity for improvisers to grow as performers in a profound way.

Experience Level

The level system helps us building homogeneous workshop groups to ensure that everybody gets the most out of their workshop experience.

1. Experienced

I rehearse with an ensemble on a regular basis, and have experience performing improvisation on the stage. I have participated in some improv workshops.

2. Advanced

I perform regularly on stage and I rehearse on a regular basis with a fixed ensemble. I have been involved in introducing performance formats to the place where I primarily improvise, either by developing these or by introducing these from elsewhere. I’ve introduced others into improvisation, either through beginner training or mentoring newer players in an ensemble.

3. Professional

I perform regularly on stage and I rehearse on a regular basis with a fixed ensemble. I have developed formats and presented these formats in cities outside of the one I’m based in. I have a professional approach to my improvisational work. I’ve developed others in improvisation, by offering advanced training on multiple occasions, or by coaching ensembles.

Categories such as students, employed, etc. do not always reflect the actual financial situation. Please decide for yourself if you are able to pay the regular price or if you need a discount. We trust that the reduced price will benefit those who really need it.

Unfortunately, we cannot foresee the situation and regulations regarding Corona so early. We will organize the festival responsibly and as safe as possible for everyone and inform in time. If we have to cancel the festival due to the pandemic, we will refund the participation fees. For your own protection we recommend seminar insurances, in case you can't participate at short notice because of Corona.


If you would like to take part in the festival, you will find various information and all kinds of interesting facts in the festival guide. We will add to the guide during the year. If there is still an open question, just contact us.

Code of Conduct

We have developed a short code of conduct to ensure that everybody feels safe and happy and can get the most out of their experience at the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival. Reading through this code will give you an idea of our festival philosophy and values.


As at May, 4th
Subject to modification

Directions & Parking


Workshop application

How does the registration work?

You can register with the registration form. We will then come back to you as soon as possible with the information, whether you got a spot. This year there's no lottery, which means, that the first ones to register will get a workshop spot. If you want, you can name a second or third priority to rise your chance to get a spot (and for the case that you are interested in more than one of the workshop themes). If you are quick enough, we'll ask you to confirm your workshop spot by transfering your workshop fee. Of course there will be a waiting list for those who didn't got a spot on the first run.

Will I receive a confirmation after registration for a workshop?

The website confirms your registration. Within the next few days after registration you will receive an email from us confirming which of your workshop wishes we were able to fulfill and a request for payment. Please be patient – we'll make sure the info gets to you. If you haven't heard from us within one weeks, please drop us a quick note.

I have transferred the festival fee but haven't received a confirmation yet. Do I lose my spot?

No, you won't. The banks don't all work at the same speed and we process the cash receipts in one go. That's why it can take a couple of days before you get the final confirmation. If we discover that we haven't received your festival fee, we will check with you before we give your spot to someone else.

I didn't get a workshop spot. Is there a waiting list?

Yes, there is one. As soon as someone gives up their spot, we will give the spot to the next person on the waiting list.

What do I do, if I want to change my stay at the Youth Hostel?

Send an email to info@improtheaterfestival.de and we will contact the Youth Hostel. One night at the Youth Hostel is 37 Euro per person including breakfast.

What happens if I have to cancel my participation?

Until July 31st you can cancel your workshop spot and we will transfer your festival fee minus an administrative fee of 30 Euros. If you cancel your spot after July 31st, we will first have to find someone from the waiting list to fill your spot. If we are successful in finding someone, we will transfer the fee back to your bank account minus the administrative fee of 30 Euros.

(At) the festival

Where does the festival take place?

Most parts of the festival take place at the Jugendkulturhaus Cairo (Fred-Josef-Platz 3, 97082 Würzburg). The workshops will be at the Cairo, the elementary school, the church and the Youth Hostel, which are all nearby and within walking distance - here and there including some stairs. The shows take place at different venues in Würzburg.

Do I get my money back, if the festival is cancelled because of Corona?

Although we are optimistic about the future, there is still a chance that the festival will be cancelled due to the pandemic. In case of a cancellation your festival fee will be fully refunded. We also recommend getting travel insurrance, so your train and flight cost will be reimbursed.

What happens at the Check-in and do I need to go there?

At the check-in you'll get a warm welcome, snacks and your invoice for the workshop. All hostel guests will also receive the necessary information about accommodation. If there are any outstanding questions or finances, we can clarify them at check-in. The check-in helps us to get an overview of who has already arrived. This is probabely important due to the pandemic. We therefore ask you come by briefly, even if you are already familiar with our Festival.

Can I come to the festival even if I don’t have a workshop spot?

Of course! All guests are welcome! There is lots do in Würzburg even without a workshop. You can share meals with the participants, have a look around Würzburg, watch the shows and party with us!

What happens if I arrive late and miss the Check-In?

No problem! We will leave your name and your room number at the reception of the Youth Hostel.

Which meals are included in the festival fee?

The following meals are included in your workshop fee: Dinner on Wednesday, lunch and dinner on thursday, lunch on friday for people participating in a 22-hours-workshop; Dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday for all.

For those staying at the hostel, breakfast is also included.

Are bed linen and towels available at the youth hostel?

The youth hostel provides bed linen, you only need to bring your own towel.

Is it possible to help out with the festival?

Yes! We are very happy for your support! Just send an email and we will get back to you.


Carina Odenbreit


Kati Schweitzer

artistic director

Corbinian Wildmeister

artistic director

Scarlett Vucic

Elina Martin


Carolin Buchmann

social media & guest management

Hendrick Ziegler


Johanna Ziegler



We would like to thank all our partners, sponsors and venues for their support and the long time cooperation.

We also want to say thank you to our patron, the Mayor of Würzburg, Christian Schuchardt!