Nachrichten // 27 December 2015

We're proud ...

... to announce the date for our festival anniversary! The 15th Würzburger Improtheaterfestival will take place from the 27th to the 30th of October 2016!

Nachrichten // 13 November 2015

Improvisation meets Cinema

Usually improvisation theatre is for the moment and the same scene will never be seen again! But this time, we’ll show you something that is magnetised eternally on a little data storage: The impro movie of the correspondent joint project “Should I stay or should I go?”!

Improvisers from five different countries asked the question, why people leave a place or may stay there. They recorded their experiences they gained in exchange with others for the screen.

Cooperating with the Cairo and the Central repertory cinema we’re looking forward to presenting you the result:
On Tuesday, 25th November, 6.30 p.m. at the Central!

For more information about the movie

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Nachrichten // 30 October 2015

Once again a festival has come to an end ...

… and how wonderful it's been! Thanks so much to all our workshop teachers, volunteers, participants, our friends from the Cairo and the Würzburg audience for making this weekend unforgettable! We can’t wait for next year. From October 27th until October 30th 2016 we will celebrate our 15th anniversary!

Photo by Patty Varasano

Nachrichten // 26 October 2015

Music, Music, Music

Big things are happening at the Bürgerbräu tonight! Michael Bibo from Wiesbaden is going to present a grand musical competition that no casting show in TV could compete with! There will be solo acts, duo acts, dancing, performing and most importantly: singing singing singing!

Tickets are still available until 5 pm.

Come join us! 

Nachrichten // 20 October 2015

Two more days of advanced sales!

Three of this year's festival shows are already sold out: "Möbius", "Razowsky & Bill" and "The Shell Game"... for all other shows there are still a couple of tickets left. Get yourself tickets, as long as you can!

Nachrichten // 17 September 2015

The advance sale for all shows starts TODAY

It's finally happening! The advance sale of the 14th Würzburger Improtheaterfestival has begun! Starting today you can purchase tickets to all shows here on our website and in one of our ticket agenies.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival!

Nachrichten // 01 September 2015

It’s getting serious…

The first placards are hanging, the programme is nearly printed and from today on the show website is online! As always we tried to put a diverse programme together so that everybody can find one’s personal highlight.

From the 17th September on the official advance sale is starting. You can purchase tickets online and at all ticket agencies.

But there are also still some few spots left in Stefanie Petereit’s Thursday class “Now or never: It’s about timing!”. Everybody who is interested, should contact us soon.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and to a great Improv Festival!

Aitor running his workshop Share your flop
Nachrichten // 24 April 2015

The application process is over!

Hey everybody! 

The application process is over and we are super happy about all your applications! Thank you for wanting to be a part of our festival!

Soon we will draw the names for the workshop spots and get back to you about the outcome in the next couple of days.

You can still apply with a show format until April 26th!

the festival-team

Nachrichten // 09 April 2015

The application process is starting

Guys, we are super excited! No need to wait any longer: The application process for the 14th Würzburger Improtheaterfestival starts TODAY! Now you have two weeks (until April 23rd) to apply for a festival workshop. Just fill out the application form.

We can’t wait for all your applications and we hold our thumbs for all of you!

the festival-team

Nachrichten // 09 April 2015

We need something new ...

... we thought and designed an entirely new website. We are happy to present it to you right at the beginning of our application process. More clearly arranged and providing all the information you need - we hope, you like it!

On top of that, we also improved our online presence. You can find us on Twitter (again) and Flickr as well. And you can most certainly still join us on Facebook.

Get ready for a new Festival!

Workshops // 08 April 2015

Your level?

The division into different levels is meant to help forming homogenous workshop groups during the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival to allow participants to work on a similar level.

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Workshops // 08 April 2015

Peter Huber

Peter Huber (Hamburg/Germany) who is improvising with the ensemble „Steife Brise“ as a musician. In his workshop he will make you sing, rhyme and improvise with power and confidence!

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Workshops // 08 April 2015

Anna Renzenbrink

Listen to the critic but focus on your strengths! That is what you will learn in Anna Renzenbrink's workshop. She comes all the way from Melbourne/Australia to bring her workshop „Be kind to yourself!

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Workshops // 08 April 2015

Lisa Rowland

Lisa Rowland (San Francisco/USA). She will teach you how to take the plunge and dive straight into the heart of a scene with energy and boldness!

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Workshops // 08 April 2015

John Turner

The wonderful John Turner (Manitoulin Island/Canada). He will help you to trust your impulses to make your work richer and more authentic.

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Workshops // 08 April 2015

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott (New York City/USA). He will introduce you to the comic devices that will make you go beyond your usual comic premises towards hilarious scenes and continuous comedy!

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Workshops // 08 April 2015

Nadine Antler

Nadine Antler (Würzburg/Germany) who knows the festival better than anybody else. In her workshop „Make Your Own Kind Of Music“ she will ask the following questions: Why do we go on stage? What are the things that truely inspire us?

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Workshops // 08 April 2015

David Razowsky

David Razowsky (Los Angeles/USA) teaching at our festival? Great! Creating a common language on stage using viewpoint elements, that's what you'll be exploring in his class.

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Nachrichten // 03 February 2015

Show application process has started

Hey folks! If you'd like to bring a show format to this year's festival, now is the time to apply! Please note that we have changed the application process! In the last years we have often received emails from the applicants because it wasn't clear which information we need. So this year, we have designed an application form which gives you all the information you need to make things clear and to help you save time. You will find the form here. Just fill it out and we'll get back to you.

The application deadline is April 26th 2015.
Very excited about all your submissions!